About TableServ™

The way traditional menus are displayed is rapidly changing. Digital menus are becoming a common go-to for the food and beverage service industry to display a digital menu, with visual images of each dish, detailed descriptions, ordering functionality, and deep analytics. Competitors have attempted to create innovative methods of replacing paper menus with mobile devices, allowing the customer to view and choose their dishes, even pay with built in credit card readers. Most digital menu software on the market today attempt to create a reasonable bottom-line expense. However, most miss the mark because of their user interface design and development, inevitably losing focus on the products and the guest experience.

TableServ™ streamlines the service processes for restaurants and their customers, while maintaining low maintenance and a reasonable bottom-line expense. Instead of relying on expensive and proprietary hardware, TableServ™ allows patrons to download an application to their own mobile device. TableServ™ makes it easy to manage check orders, staff, and inventory, while providing the highest quality customer experience. TableServ™ provides a complete package of tools for food & beverage service providers to optimize their existing menus, ordering system, and management.

Our Development Team

TableServ™ is a the first product developed in house by Tapp'd Media. Our young and talented team members have backgrounds in hospitality, media and advertising, information technology, brand strategy, marketing and social media. Working from our locations in Los Angeles and Washington DC, we all share a fiery passion for food and the service industry.

At our core we are creative visionaries, and blending our experience, creativity and project planning makes our team at TableServ™ the perfect partner to deliver your product.

New Business

Do you own a restaurant, bar, event, or catering company? Are you trying to bring your brand into 2014 and leverage technology to enhance your customer experience and your bottom line? Contact our team to get you set up.

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